Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden is a wonderful place to spend a couple hours as a volunteer. Please email Lori at  [email protected] if you would like to lend a hand at your own schedule to weed, plant, or other light garden maintenance.2015 April childrens garden

Please Note

The Children’s Garden is open during the growing season (March to December) and is maintained by volunteers. Please respect the following:

  • NO Pets (Dogs, Cats, etc)..
  • NO smoking.
  • “Please take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” Please do not leave any garbage, cans, or plastics. There are no trash bins in the garden.


 Children’s Garden History and Recent Improvements

After several hours installing raised beds, the blueberry shrubs are planted, thanks to Andrew Cantone and fellow Boy Scouts of Troop 228 Warren. The shrubs will provide shelter and food for local birds.  Andrew Cantone of Boy Scout Troop 228 of Warren installed a blueberry hedge as his service project to achieve Eagle Scout. Andrew planned, organized and led the team as they installed the raised beds and planted about 30 blueberry bushes on Sunday April 19, 2015. Scout Andrew and team at WFA

Come check out the new bird boxes built and installed in the garden by Megan and Brianna Vetter, Cadettes from Girl Scout Troop 65304 and see if any birds have moved in. Megan and Brianna held the Build a Birdhouse event in February to help children learn about local birds as part of the Silver Award.

The bird boxes and the blueberry bushes provide shelter and food, encouraging more birds to make their home in the Children’s Garden at the Arboretum located at 197 Mountain Ave. The blueberry patch is also ideal for local pollinators like our native bees. The Children’s Garden is sensitive to the environmental impacts of bee habitat loss, fragmentation, and pesticide use that have caused a decline in native bee numbers over the past several decades. Come to the garden and see what other plants and habitat are helping the bees, birds and butterflies.

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Childrens Garden