Community Garden

Gardeners’ Workshops – Monthly Meetings

Wagner Farm Arboretum presents a monthly educational series on gardening. The program covers topics which are timely and necessary to growing vegetables, herbs or other produce in the home garden. Learn what to do now that the season has started, gain knowledge on techniques like organic and healthy practices, find out what others are growing and having success with, and many more topics!

WFA members and their guests are welcome to attend these informative and informal sessions. These are the dates and topics. All sessions are held at 10 am in the Community Garden under the gazebo.
7/25/15 – Tomatoes and peppers
8/22/15 – Keeping ahead of summer crops
9/19/15 – Prep for next year

To reach any of the Garden Managers in your plot section, please send email to:  [email protected]

Information, Forms and Documents

Please note for 2015 season:

October 19, 2015 – Summer/Fall Season Ends – plants removed from your plots.
November 1, 2015 – Clean-up/Last dumpster.

Please click here for the 2015 Community Garden Membership Agreement. To view the Community Garden Orientation, click here.

Read Jonathan Jean’s “THIS WEEK IN THE GARDEN blog. Click here for all issues.

What is the Community Garden?

Within the Wagner Farm Arboretum’s Community Garden are the garden plots available for lease to Arboretum Members who live in Warren Township or other surrounding areas. Also situated within the enclosed gardens are plots dedicated to the Giving Garden Project which are maintained by volunteers. Please email the Garden Administrator at [email protected] if you have questions on the Community Garden.

Read about the Giving Gardens Project, and about its history in “The Vision”.

The Community Garden Committee coordinates and controls the leasing of these plots to the member participants, and maintains operational control throughout the growing season annually.

Having an enclosed Garden at the Arboretum provides area residents with the opportunity to grow their own organic vegetables, flowers and other plants in a leased plot protected from deer, groundhog and rabbit in a “community” setting. “Organic methods are used in the project,” said Keith Cooper, Berkeley Heights resident and past chairman of the Community Garden Committee. “Our goal was to have productive and attractive gardens,” he said, “and this we did on protected sites in full sun.” The community aspect is beneficial to sharing information, learning from others, mentoring less experienced gardeners and participating in educational programs. For information on Organic Gardening, please click here.

Plot Rentals

If you would like to be placed on the Waiting List for 2015, please send via email:  your Name, your Phone number and your email, and an alternate phone number if you have one, to: [email protected].

The 2015 Wagner Farm Arboretum Community Garden Membership Agreement contains schedules and information on garden plot maintenance. Please click here to view the agreement.