The Wagner Farm Arboretum in conjunction with the Warren Recreation Commission, manages a “natural trail system” that connects the Wagner Farm Arboretum and the Glenhurst property. Glenhurst, (formerly a golf course) is over 100 acres of township-owned, undeveloped property, that includes wetlands as well as an abundance of wildlife and native plants.

The Trails include over two miles of mostly level, mowed trails that loop along all edges, across central meadow sections, around two large open ponds and along the berms at the river edges.  Short blazed side trails access 3 small woodland ponds and three steel bridges over Cory’s Brook.  Some trails cross small wetland areas and are subject to river flooding and rain-ponding at times.  Trails may become rutted and uneven as wet and dry seasons alternate.  Small plank bridges are planned next.  Brambles grow quickly over meadow trail edges; carry hand clippers! This is the largest complex of open space areas owned solely by Warren and is popular for bird-watching, nature study, photography and extensive hiking activities. For more information visit the Warren Township site:

Bird at WFAFThe Wagner Farm Arboretum Board is actively working with local Eagle Scouts to improve Bird watching tools at the Arboretum such as a Bird Blind and a Bird Information Kiosk. Click here for Project details. Wagner Farm Arboretum is excited about this project because the projects meet the Arboretum’s Mission supporting a suburban conservancy and learning center. This kiosk will be an educational and entertaining addition as Birders share their information and sightings. Having this kiosk at the Arboretum gives visitors the awareness of the birds that make Warren Township their home. The information will help visitors understand the bird habitats which will hopefully lead to finding or creating opportunities to protect the birds’ environment.

Bluebird houses have been erected in the Arboretum’s Children’s Garden and are currently being used!

At the other end of the trail,  near the parking lot at Glenhurst you can sit in the gazebo to enjoy looking out over the meadow and to bird watch.

For more info on Birding near Wagner Farm Arboretum: