BRITE NITES at the Wagner Farm Arboretum

What happened to Brite Nites 2014? Read our sad tale:

Over the past several years the Wagner Farm Arboretum in Warren has been the home of the fall spectacular known as BRITE NITES.  There were fantastic lighted carved pumpkin displays which adorned our grounds.  Once the sun went down and darkness began to set in, the glows of forms and faces from a multitude of displays would welcome thousands of visitors.

They came to gaze in awe of the traditional harvest season artwork.  The tranquility of this beauty was occasionally interrupted by a child’s shriek emanating from the Haunted House, which awaited the visitors at the end of the winding path through the maze of carved pumpkins.

As the visitors returned to their cars, the children danced and adults smiled as they recalled the adventure they had just been through.  Wow! – they couldn’t wait until next year! BN Carnival  195

But then the brutal winter came.  The old farm wagon shed which served as home to the Haunted House, and in which the many carved pumpkin displays and equipment were stored, could not bear the brutal weight of a massive snowfall.  The grand old shed collapsed under the weight of the snow, and the thousands of hours of BRITE NITES artwork were turned to rubble by this crushing blow.

WFAF shed collapse 2014The spirit of the Wagner Farm Arboretum Foundation Trustees was not broken by this misfortune.  However, we realize we cannot re-carve the needed thousands of pumpkins in time for a BRITE NITES 2014.  Nor do we have the building space for a Haunted House or the ability to store the newly carved displays.  So, we are setting our sights on the future; perhaps BRITE NITES 2015?!

Although we did realize a modest insurance settlement, we still need to raise more funds to purchase new pumpkins for the carving artists.  And, we will be seeking donations to construct a building to serve as the Haunted House.  This building would also serve as storage for the finished pumpkin displays, and as space for other Arboretum activities.  If we are successful, we hope to once again provide a celebration of the fall harvest season to our Warren area neighbors and other fun seekers from far and wide.

So, DO NOT take BRITE NITES off your calendar!!  Simply include it in your future schedule of events.  We are hoping for BRITE NITES 2015!

In the meantime, the Wagner Farm Arboretum Foundation will be working to attract funds and donations to rebuild.  You can help.  Our range of need is from $25 to buy a single new un-carved  pumpkin up to $30,000 to erect our building.  Our Foundation is a 501 (c ) (3) organization, so your contribution would be tax deductable.  Help us make it happen!

Please click here to donate now.

Contact us at 908-350-7383 and speak with Mary for details.  Or, reach out to us at the Wagner Farm Arboretum, 197 Mountain Avenue, Warren, NJ  07059, or at Mary’s email address of [email protected] . Find us on Facebook

Thank you!

The Trustees and Volunteers of the Wagner Farm Arboretum Foundation

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